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GEP China Conference

Minjia Chen, GEP, University of Nottingham Financial Constraints and Firm Productivity in China: Do Liquidity and Export Behaviour Make a Difference?
Zhao Chen, Fudan University Does the Political Participation of Entrepreneurs and the Political Resources of Small and Medium‐Sized Enterprises Lead to Preferential Treatment from Government? Evidence from China
Fabrice Defever, GEP, University of Nottingham (with Benedikt Heid and Mario Larch) Spatial Exporter Dynamics
Junxin Feng, Renmin University
(with Laijun Luo)
Does Williamson’s Inverted U Shape Curve Really Exist? A New Test on Regional Inequality and Economic Growth
Chew Ging Lee, GEP, University of Nottingham, Malaysia Foreign Direct Investment, Urbanisation and Urban-Rural Income Inequality: Evidence from China (Abstract only)
Alessandra Guariglia, Durham University Investment and Financing Constraints in China: Does Working Capital Management Make a Difference?
Saileshsingh Gunessee, GEP, University of Nottingham, China The Location Choice of Multinational Firms in China: The role of the Government
Lei Li, University of Nottingham, China How to Surivive in Developed Economies: An Environment Partitioning Perspective for Chinese MNEs
Ping Lin, Lingnan University, Hong Kong Who are the Polluters in China? Determinants of Pollution Levels in Chinese Manufacturing
Chang Liu, GEP, University of Nottingham, China Geography of FDI across China
Alyson Ma, University of California, Davis (with Ari Van Assche) The Role of Trade Costs in Global Production Networks: Evidence from China's Processing Trade Regime
Jie Ma, Beijing University Market Size, Local Sourcing and Policy Competition for Foreign Direct Investment
Lu Ming, Fudan University Identity, Inequality, and Happiness:
Evidence from Urban China
Shiyuan Pan, Zhejiang University Directed Technological Change: A Knowledge-based Model
Albert Park, University of Oxford Labour Regulation and Enterprise Employment in China
Innwon Park, Korea University Modes of Foreign Direct Investment and Patterns of Trade: Why Do MNE's Come to China?
Subramaniam Pillay, University of Nottingham, Malaysia (with Wu Mingming) Effect of Change in Foreign Exchange Regime on the Use of Hedging: Evidence from Chinese Firms
Hans-Jörg Schmerer, Tübingen University FDI, Skill-Specific Unemployment and Institutional Spillover Effects
Fredrik Sjöholm, Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Stockholm Foreign Firms, Competition and R&D in China
Puyang Sun, Nankai University Outsourcing and Wage Gaps: New Evidence from Specific Factor Model
Priit Vahter, University of Tartu Does FDI spur Innovation, Productivity and Knowledge Sourcing by Incumbent Firms? Evidence from Manufacturing Industry in Estonia
Zheng Wang, GEP, University of Nottingham Quantity Restriction and Multi-Product Firms: Evidence from China
Zheng Wei, GEP, University of Nottingham, China The Role of Human Capital in China’s Total Factor Productivity Growth: A Cross-country Analysis
Wen Xiao, Zhejiang University Firm Heterogeneity, Ownership Structure and Labour's Share
Shujie Yao, GEP, University of Nottingham Housing Market Development in China
Xianguo Yao, Zhejiang University The Differences of Wage Determination Mechanism between State-owned and non State-owned Enterprises
Eden Yu, City University, Hong Kong Exports and Labour Demand Elasticity in Chinese Manufacturing Industries
Miaojie Yu, Beijing University Processing Trade, Firm's Productivity and tariff Reductions: Evidence from Chinese Products
Zhihong Yu, GEP, University of Nottingham Regional Heterogeneity and China’s International Trade: Sufficient Lumpiness or Not?
Jing Zhang, University of Nottingham (with Xiaolan Fu and Raphael Kaplinsky) The Impact of China’s Exports on Global Manufacturing Prices






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