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GEP China Conference 2014

Held at: University of Nottingham Ningbo,  China

Conference on "'China's Growth in the Global Economy'"

6th and 7th November 2014


Conference Programme

Conference Papers 

Jiahua Che What it Takes to be "Melitz"
Paolo Conconi From Final Goods to Inputs: the Cascade Effect of Preferential Rules of Origin (slides)
Gino Gancia Globalization and Political Structure
Jinfeng Ge Endogeneous Mark-up and Sectoral Misallocation
Jiandong Ju Political Relations and Bilateral Trade: Evidence from China and Major Powers, 1990 – 2011
Richard Kneller Exotic Trade and Trade in Exotics: The Impact of Containerization on New Trade
Francis Kramarz Firm to Firm Trade
Sandra Lancheros Estimating Direct and Indirect Effects of FDI on Firm Productivity in the Presence of Interactions between Firms
Shu Lin The Credit Channel of Monetary Policy and Exports: Solving Causality using the Impossible Trinity
Alejandro Riaño Protectionism through Exporting: Subsidies with Export Share Requirements in China
Zhao Ting FDI Heterogeneity, Agglomeration and Efficiency of Manufacturing Industries in China: An Empirical test based on Panel Data
Kai Xu Population Control, Human Capital Accumulation and China’s Economic Growth
Zhihong Yu The Global Production-Line Position of Chinese Firms
Minghai Zhou Does Democratic Election of Chairman of the Union Matter for Workers' Benefit in China? Evidence from Chinese Employer-Employee Data?

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