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GEP fellow wins British Standards Institution award

We are delighted to congratulate GEP fellow Dr Cher Li, Nottingham Business School, on receiving an award by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in recognition of her outstanding contribution in teaching standards-related topics and for her research in this area.

The judges praised Dr Li “for incorporating standards into the curricula for the economics of innovation on undergraduate and Executive MBA courses, and for research on standards and productivity.”

On receiving the award, Dr Li said: “I am absolutely honoured to receive this award and to know that my teaching and research is making a difference. We live in an increasingly interconnected world, and our ability to thrive and meet the challenges facing business and management requires us to work together towards mutually beneficial and sustainable goals. Standards play a vital role in our economies in facilitating trade, catalysing innovation, and enhancing business performance. It’s an integral part of our education to equip our students – be these undergraduates or corporate managers – with a solid understanding of standards which establish industry best practices and ensure compatibility between technologies.”

Dr Li’s current research focuses on how business participation in developing standards can reduce technological risks and uncertainty in the product market. She is also examining how the adoption of standards, especially those relating to industrial digital technologies, can be used to boost productivity and what factors can impede and accelerate this adoption.

The BSI Standards Awards are given to those who promote and integrate standards into their work, and were created to recognize new members, industry leaders and consumer champions.


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Posted on Wednesday 8th January 2020

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