Nottingham Centre for Research on
Globalisation and Economic Policy (GEP)

Books and Volumes

Books and volumes published by GEP Fellows to date:

Commendatore, P,  Kubin, I, Bougheas, S, Kirman, A, Kopel, M and Bischi, G-I. (2017) The economy as a complex spatial system: Micro, meso and macro perspectives, Springer, Heidelberg
Yao, S,  Bin, W and Jian C (2013) New Perspectives on China's Development in the Post-Crisis Period, RoutledgeCurzon
Greenaway, D and Ennew, C (Eds) (2012) The Globalisation of Higher Education, Palgrave: 237
Greenaway, D (Ed) (2012) The UK in a Global World: How Can the UK Focus on Steps in Global Value Chains that Really Add Value? CEPR: 146
Bernhofen, D, Atsumi T (2012) The effects of the unequal treaties on normative, economic and institutional changes in 19th century Japan. In Rainer Klump and Milos Vec. International Law and the World Economy in the 19th century (Voelkerrecht und Weltwirtschaft im 19. Jahrhundert), Springer Verlag: 135-149
Bernhofen, D, Falvey, R, Greenaway, D, Kreickemeier, U (2011) Palgrave Handbook of International Trade
Yao, S, Bin, W,  Morgan, S,  Sutherland, D (2010) Sustainable reform and development in post-Olympic China, RoutledgeCurzon
Yao, S, Greenaway, D and Milner, C (eds) (2010)  China and The World Economy, Palgrave Macmillan 
Bernhofen, D (2010) Empirical International
Chun Kwok Lei and Shujie Yao (2008) Economic Convergence in Greater China

Greenaway, D, Upward, R and Wright, P (eds.) (2008)

Globalisation and Labour Market Adjustment, Palgrave

Greenaway, D, H. Görg and Kneller, R.(eds.) (2006)

Globalisation and Productivity Growth, Palgrave
Song, L. (with John Knight) (2006) Towards a Labour Market in China, New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Winner of 2005 Richard A. Lester Prize for the Outstanding Book in Labour Economics and Industrial Relations)
Yao, S. (with J. Chen) (2006) Globalisation, Competition and Growth in China, Routledge Curzon

Greenaway, D.(eds.) (2005)

Adjusting to Globalisation, Blackwell
Greenaway, D.(eds.) (2005) Global Trade Policy 2004, Blackwell

Chris Milner (Editor), R. Read (Editor)

Trade Liberalization, Competition and the WTO, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd

E. Kwan Choi, David Greenaway

Globalization and Labor Markets, Wiley-Blackwell


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