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International Curriculum

The University of Nottingham is evidently a global institution, but what does this actually mean to Nottingham students? How does the University's international reach affect each and every one of our students during their studies? Will a Nottingham graduate be able to look back and identify the ‘value-added’ that they obtained from studying at a truly global institution?

These are the questions we are considering as we take on the challenge of fully internationalising our curriculum.

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To ensure that we can truly claim to offer a global experience to our students, we must ensure that aspects of the global are present in all areas of university life. This means ensuring that we offer a curriculum that is internationally relevant.

The ‘Grand Challenge’ group is working to make improvements to our curriculum, to ensure that we develop students who are both prepared and able to be global citizens, and through this have increased employability.


Schools and central services are all involved in this, and are focusing on:

  • Internationalising the content of existing programmes and courses
  • Developing internationally focussed portfolios of programmes
  • Increasing language skills and competencies of students
  • Providing generic provision with a global emphasis


Some courses obviously lend themselves more easily to a global approach. Those departments with bases in our campuses overseas are immediately international. However, we want to ensure that a global education is open to all students at The University of Nottingham.

One aim of the international curriculum working group is therefore to enable students to undertake learning components (optional or compulsory) that introduce them to a global theme. These components will be either integral to the programme of study, embedded within the curriculum of study, or as stand-alone generic modular components.

All students will be able to access teaching on different topics, such as language, global cultures and society, global politics, global health, sustainable environment, or other globally-focussed topics.


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