Cultural competence in culturally mixed teams

2. I am not the wash woman!

In this learning unit, you will meet Zara and Svenja, two nurses who are working together today on the morning shift.

Learn more about Zara and Svenja by clicking on their respective pictures below.

Zara - Turkish nurse thumbnail Svenja - German nurse

Half-way through the morning Zara and Svenja meet in the nurses station. Watch the following video to see their encounter unfold.

Zara: Svenja, that's not at all what I imagined the nursing profession to be like in Germany, it's unreasonable.

Svenja: What's the problem?

Zara: I am a professional nurse, and here now I am supposed to wash patients?
All that washing people, here, there - I've had it up to here. I mean, the others can do that!
I am not the wash woman!

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