Cultural competence in culturally mixed teams

5. Functioning Communication

In the video scenario that you watched earlier, Svenja did not answer Zara. You may want to watch the video clip again before answering the following question.

How should Svenja respond in order to make this a good and functioning communication as in: allowing them to understand each other and be helpful? Please think about an appropriate answer from your point of view and write your answer into the box provided below.

Zara: Svenja, that's not at all what I imagined the nursing profession to be like in Germany, it's unreasonable.

Svenja: What's the problem?

Zara: I am a professional nurse, and here now I am supposed to wash patients?
All that washing people, here, there - I've had it up to here. I mean, the others can do that!

I am not the wash woman!

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