Cultural competence in culturally mixed teams

8. Svenja‘s choice

Click on Svenja's picture to see how she answered Zara
Svenja - German nurse

Svenja's answer to Zara

This was an appropriate and professional answer from Svenja giving functioning communication - and clarification of the issue - a chance:

Zara has addressed several communication aspects. Svenja chooses the relationship level to initially respond on, knowing that the relationship side is likely to override the other aspects. It will give her the best chance for helpful communication, showing empathy and appreciation of Zara's upset feelings. Zara can feel that she has been accepted and taken seriously in her concern.

On the basis of this kind of functioning communication, Svenja and Zara can now enter into constructive discussion about their professional understanding and how to work together in a professional manner despite their different cultural backgrounds and professional understanding.

You have now learned how to analyze future communication situations and how to use this model to respond in a helpful way.

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