Alcohol: Elizabeth’s story

Alcohol and drugs can also play a significant role in challenging, aggressive or violent behaviour. Consider this scenario:

Mike is a physio working in an emergency department. His role is to triage and provide first line treatment for patients with acute musculoskeletal injuries. The department is particularly busy, and there are many patients waiting. It’s 5.30 pm and Mike should have left half an hour ago. The nurse in charge has asked Mike if, as a favour, he could see just one last patient who’s already been waiting for three hours. The patient is a woman, Elizabeth, who’s sustained a shoulder injury following a fall. The nurse warns Mike that Elizabeth and the person accompanying her have clearly been drinking.

Now start the video to watch the scenario. As you do so, use the tool provided to note the factors that could have led to the aggressive or challenging behaviour seen. Write your answers as single words in the boxes provided and then press the "Save" button.

Video transcript


Hint: Use single words eg fear, anxiety or hyphenated two word phrases eg "staff-communication"

By pressing the Delete button below you can remove your stored words for this scenario.