Challenging environments: Billy’s story

Whilst violence and aggression are never acceptable or tolerated, and staff have the right to work in a safe and non-threatening environment, it can sometimes be the attitudes of staff, even unthinkingly, that can act as triggers for such challenging behaviour. Consider this scenario:

Billy is an informal patient with a diagnosis of personality disorder. Informal patients are those not detained under the Mental Health Act (2014), and who are allowed on and off the ward at their own will. Door access will usually require a staff swipe card, however.

Billy is becoming increasingly frustrated at being ignored and not being given access to leave the ward.

Now start the video to watch the scenario. As you do so, use the tool provided to note the factors that could have led to the aggressive or challenging behaviour seen. Write your answers as single words in the boxes provided and then press the "Save" button.

Video transcript


Hint: Use single words eg fear, anxiety or hyphenated two word phrases eg "staff-communication"

By pressing the Delete button below you can remove your stored words for this scenario.