Dementia: Milly’s story

Dementia and confusion can play a significant role in the development of challenging or distress behaviours. Consider Milly’s story:

Milly is an older person who is widowed and lives alone in a warden supported bungalow. She’s been admitted to an acute medical ward from home following a fall which resulted in severe bruising. Her carers had noticed that she appeared a little more confused and vague than usual at home in the two days leading up to the fall. While in hospital she’s also been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. She’s prescribed antibiotics and is also on various other medications for a number of chronic conditions including congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and osteoarthritis. She’s been a little agitated periodically, and distressed on the ward, and has been additionally prescribed Lorazepam.

Milly has been walking from her bed area to the nurse’s station for the past hour repeatedly asking to go home. Each time, the nurse behind the desk has asked her to return to the bed area to rest.

Now start the video to watch the scenario. As you do so, use the tool provided to note the factors that could have led to the aggressive or challenging behaviour seen. Write your answers as single words in the boxes provided and then press the "Save" button.

Video transcript


Hint: Use single words eg fear, anxiety or hyphenated two word phrases eg "staff-communication"

By pressing the Delete button below you can remove your stored words for this scenario.