Escalating conflict in the Middle East

We have all been shocked and distressed by the devastating events that are unfolding in Southern Israel and Gaza, and by the escalating violence in the area.   

Our thoughts are with those individuals caught up in the violence and fighting, and we hope for a resolution, ceasefire and peace. The continued loss of life and suffering is heartbreaking. 

We are deeply concerned about the impact of these events on our communities, and we are supporting staff and students, alongside our Students’ Union. We are also aware that members of our university community will have loved ones in the region and will be personally affected by these events. 

As a university, we roundly condemn all violence, and we are clear that all forms of discrimination have no place within our community. We have zero tolerance for hate incidents or hate crimes, which includes any incident that is perceived— by the victim or any other person— to be motivated by hostility, hate or prejudice. As a university, we value inclusivity and respect in all that we do. 

We will take robust action on any incidents reported to us, and we support Nottinghamshire Police’s firm approach to dealing with criminal behaviour as part of any protests or demonstrations.

We are offering support for those in our communities who are distressed by the current circumstances, and we urge anyone affected to come forward for support. We encourage staff and students to report any incidents of concern through our Report and Support service so that we can offer assistance and deal swiftly with any matters that require further action.   

Student support  

Staff support  

Report + Support (for both staff and students) 

Contact our security team

These are incredibly challenging circumstances, and it is vital that we continue to show mutual respect and compassion for each other as a part of keeping our community a safe and welcoming place for all.

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