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What is a round of sandwiches?
A round of sandwiches is two slices of bread with a filling, cut into four.
How many servings do you get from a large bottle of water or carton of juice?
We recommend six servings.
I need to tell you something about my delivery.
Please use the comments box at the end of your booking, and if required a member of the team will get in contact.
I need to place a last minute order.
We do our best to cater for any last minute orders. However, there are occasions when we need time to order particular items. This means that some choices on the menu need more than 72 hours’ notice and could mean your available choices are limited. Please telephone Nottingham Venues on
0115 748 6100 or email if you need to make a last minute booking.
What time should I order my catering to be delivered?
We advise that orders should be requested for 15 minutes before they are required. Please ensure that the room is booked to allow the extra time before your event. On busy days deliveries may need to be made up to 30 minutes in advance of the time you have requested. If you do not want your meeting to be disturbed you may need to consider using an alternative room for setting up refreshments.
How do I cancel my booking?
You can go to your Delivered Catering account on the website and cancel bookings up to 48 hours before your event. Any cancellations less than 48 hours please telephone Nottingham Venues on
0115 748 6100 or email Please note any cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice may incur the full charge.
Is there a minimum charge on orders?
There is a minimum charge of £20. A surcharge will be added to any orders less than £20.
When can we expect our items to be collected?
Items will be collected by a member of the team on the day or by 9am the following morning. When ordering please let us know the finish time of your event to help us with collections. If your items have not been collected please telephone Nottingham Venues on 0115 748 6100 or email
I would like to contact someone for help and advice.
We are always happy to help with your event. Please telephone Nottingham Venues on
0115 748 6100 or email
I can't find the location on the Delivered Catering website.
If you have a booking for King's Meadow Campus or Castle Meadow Campus, please select the campus as University Park and then the building – King's Meadow or Castle Meadow Campus.  
I can't find find the building I wish to have my order delivered to.
Please email us at and provide the building name and campus.


Estates & Facilities – Hospitality

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