Building a Culture for Success

Building a Culture for Success through recruitment and selection

Working towards hiring staff that have the right behaviours, as well as the right skills. 

Every member of staff, irrespective of job role or level, has a critical role to play in the life and work of the University. We should remember that ‘how’ we approach our work and each other is as important as what we ‘do’.

Building a Culture for Success describes the behavioural standards expected of all staff at all levels and how they apply to our ways of working.

Why is recruiting and selecting for behaviours important?

Recruitment and selection have a key part to play to ensure we attract and select the right people to join us, by considering the behaviours of those applying to work for us as well as their knowledge, skills and experience.

A consistent recruitment approach aligned to our core behaviours will:

  • create teams and departments that have a sense of community and shared purpose
  • promote a positive work environment
  • enable us to succeed in achieving our goals and vision

The information on this site will support you as a recruiting manager to consider and assess our expectations and behaviours at each stage in the recruitment and selection process.  We have also created a directory of resources to support you in doing this and help you to develop your recruitment, selection and interviewing skills.

Click on the links below to find out how to build our expectations and behaviours into your recruitment and selection activities. Please note you will need your UoN log-in to access these resources.

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Creating the Role Profile

Colleague working on laptop

Attracting Candidates

Academics deciding interview results

Selecting Candidates

  • Identify the role band and select a role profile template
  • Complete the role profile form
  • Decide application and shortlisting criteria
  • Write the recruitment advert
  • Design the selection approach
  • Prepare your interview
  • Consider additional assessments
  • Evaluate behaviours in the selection decision

Further information on the University’s recruitment and selection process, the Authority to Fill (ATF) and Vacancy Manager systems and details of specialist services can be found here

Contact the HR Recruitment Services team if you have any questions about any of the information or if you need any further guidance.

Last edited Oct 26, 2020