Staff Engagement - Changing Things Together



What is engagement?

Engagement is a measure of the connection between an individual and the organisation they work for. It is now commonly used by many organisations across all sectors. Engagement is the successor to measures like satisfaction and motivation. Engagement is different in that it sees the relationship between the individual and organisation as reciprocal, and challenges employers to think about what they are doing to proactively improve the nature of that relationship.

Why is engagement important?

Organisations that monitor and take actions to improve engagement consistently perform better than those that do not, and employees who work for organisations that do so have higher well-being.

Why is engagement important to the University?

Our people are our most important asset. We want to make the University a great place to work and for everyone to full fill their potential. By discussing the factors that shape engagement with our people, we want to have an ongoing conversation about how to make the University a great place to work for everyone. The engagement survey is just one of the tools we use to do this.

Where can I find out more information on engagement at the University of Nottingham?

As a member of staff you have been given access to the Engagement Hub where you can find more information on:

  • Staff engagement survey results.
  • Understanding engagement.
  • Engagement framework.
  • Our engagement champions.
  • Sharing and celebrating engagement best practice.
  • Toolkits and other resources
  • Frequently asked questions.