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The Human Rights Law Centre has a number of Fellows from a wide range of academic and research institutes, international organisations and NGOs who play key roles in a wide range of HRLC events, research projects and training courses. 


Mary Dowell-Jones

Research Fellow and Honorary Assistant Professor

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Alice Edwards

Head of Secretariat for the Convention against Torture Initiative

James Harrison

Associate Professor, University of Warwick and former Coordinator of the Human Rights Law Centre

Emilie Hunter

Deputy Director, Case Matrix Network and former Coordinator of the Human Rights Law Centre

Will Lowe

Senior Researcher, Department of Politics, Princeton University

Chris Mburu

Human Rights Officer, Anti-Discrimination Section, OHCHR

Daniel Moeckli

Assistant Professor in Public International Law and Constitutional Law, University of Zurich

William G. O'Neill

Director of the Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum

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Bertrand G. Ramcharan

Director of the Guyana Institute for Public Policy and Former UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights

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Mervat Rishmawi

Independent human rights consultant

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James Rodehaver

Human Rights Department Deputy Director, United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA)

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Alex Toft

Senior Research Assistant, Children and Families Research Theme, Centre for Technology Enabled Health Research, Coventry University

Patrick Twomey

Director of International Human Rights Network and former Co-Director of the Human Rights Law Centre

George Ulrich

Professor, Riga Graduate School of Law



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