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We offer paid summer internships to University of Nottingham law students to work on our diverse projects.

Internships typically run for four to eight weeks and provide valuable experience of human rights work in practice. Students who are interested in a human rights career can gain a deeper understanding of a particular human rights field, as well as improve their related transferable skills such as research and analysis. 

Information about paid summer internship opportunities for summer 2024 will be made available in due course.

For full details, please see the Summer Internships page.


Previous interns

2023 Interns

  • International Criminal Justice Internship: Beatriz Sanz and Omotayo Idowu
  • Publications Internship: Harriet Walker-Smith and Ritika Goyal
  • Forced Migration Internship: Melissa Jarvis
  • Enforced Disappeance Internship: Rosie Woodward

2022 interns

  • Business and Human Rights Internship: Daniela De Zubirira Velasquez
  • International Criminal Justice Internship: Elizabeth Oldroyd and Madison Green
  • Publications Internship: Annabella Pearce and Olubanke Awosope
  • Refugee Clinic Internship: Lucy Barber

2021 interns

  • International Criminal Justice Internship: Milly Dawson and Sara Ciucci

2019 interns

  • Blended Finance and Human Rights Internship: Madikizela Otieno
  • Business and Human Rights Internship: Melanie (Ho Yee) Tse
  • International Criminal Justice Internship: Rhiannon Jones
  • Publications Internship: Melanie Desert
  • Reprieve Internship: Atishya Kumar

2018 interns

  • Publications Internship - International Human Rights Reports: Hanna Vioque
  • Publications Internship - Torture Yearbook: Stephen Byrne
  • International Criminal Justice Internship: Natasha Barigye and Panayiotis Nikolaou
  • Mobilisation and Communication Internship: Eleanor Finlay

2017 interns

  • Publications Internship - International Human Rights Reports: Harvey Slade
  • Publications Internship - Torture Yearbook: Megan Jameson
  • International Criminal Justice Internship: Edoardo Gabriele Vacca
  • Forced Migration Research Internship: Marlene Fries and Georgios Alexandris

2016 interns

  • Human Rights Law Research Internship: Nicholas Kimber
  • FRAME Internship: Manpreet Ark
  • International Criminal Justice Internship: William Berrington

2015 interns

  • Publications Internship: Monica Carranza
  • FRAME Internship: Katrina Sissins
  • Editorial Internship: Emma Knight

2014 interns

  • Assistance in Human Rights Law Research: Petr Mádr
  • Publications: Anna-Shereen Holland
  • International Criminal Justice: Aikaterini Katsimardou-Miariti

2013 interns

  • International Criminal Justice: Michael O'Donohoe
  • International Criminal Justice: Marine Corhay
  • Publications: Bhaktimayi Nair
  • Human Rights Law Research Assistance: Romana Lemishka

2012 interns

  • International Criminal Justice: Taylor Buck
  • International Criminal Justice: Auriane Botte
  • Publications: Chloe Cheeseman

2011 interns

  • International Criminal Justice: Yusuke Hara
  • Publications: Haroon Saad Iqbal
  • Publications: Sofia Cheimara

2010 interns

  • Public Relations and Communications: Ciana-Marie Pegus
  • Research Assistance for FRA Reports and Web-Development Assistance: Nancy Williams
  • International Criminal Justice Unit: Miléna Castellnou
  • Research Assistance and Support to HRLC Projects: Amy Weatherburn

Talent Builder Internship Programme

Between September 2009 and November 2010, HRLC participated in the Talent Builder Internship Programme, organised by the University of Nottingham's Centre for Career Development. The scheme was created to ensure that Nottingham graduates continue to develop skills needed to meet increasing demands from employers by providing practical experience working within the University, third sector organisations or small and medium businesses.

HRLC welcomed six recent graduates from different academic backgrounds who worked on a number of HRLC projects.

Talent Builder Interns 2010

  • Publications Unit and Support to HRLC Projects: Amy Weatherburn
  • International Criminal Justice Unit: Sofia Lambrianidou
  • Public Relations and Communications: Gillian Da Costa

Talent Builder Interns 2009

  • Publications Unit: Adam Landes
  • International Criminal Justice Unit: Roxana Cimpeanu
  • Research Assistance and Support to HRLC Projects: Claire Balding


  • Association of Human Rights Institutes Conference: Kirsti Green
  • HRLC Communications: Chloe Cheeseman
  • International Criminal Justice: Mark Chadwick
  • International Criminal Justice: David Hayes
  • International Criminal Justice: Derek Inman
  • International Criminal Justice: Kristyna Urbanova
  • Oxford Reports on International Human Rights Database: Edward McCullagh
  • Oxford Reports on International Human Rights Database: Clementine Rendle
  • Oxford Reports on International Human Rights Database: Emily Soothill


  • Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights: Javier Argomaniz
  • European Human Rights Law: Jennifer Wall
  • Forced Migration and Human Rights: Monica Esposito
  • Human Rights Field Officer Project: An-Sofie Leenknecht
  • International Criminal Justice: Agnes Flues
  • International Criminal Justice: Nicholas Hutchings
  • International Criminal Justice: Annika Jones
  • International Criminal Justice: Lena Sherif
  • Student Activities/Publications: Sophia Soares
  • UN Human Rights Committee: Isabel Machado


  • Human Rights Law Centre Internship: Mark Chadwick
  • Human Rights Law Centre Internship: Maeve McCormack
  • International Criminal Justice: Annika Jones
  • Torture Yearbook: Claire Boyce
  • UN Human Rights Committee: Gwyneth Williams


  • International Criminal Justice: Melanie O'Brien
  • UN Human Rights Committee: Lea Dean

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