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Scholars At Risk

Scholars at Risk (SAR) works to protect threatened scholars and promote academic freedom around the world.

Scholars at Risk

Scholars at Risk is an international organisation which runs through a network of universities with the aim of protecting academic freedom and defending scholars around the world. Scholars at Risk has been running for the last 20 years and continues to promote academic freedom in areas of the world where it is under threat.

To this end, Scholars at Risk offers safety to scholars facing grave threats to their wellbeing and safety, by arranging temporary academic positions at member universities and colleges. By providing temporary refugee for scholars, Scholars at Risk seeks to protect academic ideas and research, until such a time that it is safe for scholars to return to their home countries.

Scholars at Risk also: provides advisory services for scholars and hosts; campaigns for scholars who are imprisoned or silenced in their home countries; monitors attacks on higher education communities worldwide; and provides leadership in deploying new tools and strategies for promoting academic freedom and improving respect for university values everywhere.

At the University of Nottingham

Since 2014, Scholars at Risk has partnered with member institutions to run Student Advocacy Seminars. The seminars are an opportunity for students to participate in and advance the organisation's advocacy work on behalf of threatened and imprisoned scholars around the world.

The first UK-based Student Advocacy Seminar was created in 2017, with the support of the Human Rights Law Centre. During the course of each academic year, students at the University of Nottingham are supported by the Human Rights Law Centre to run various events aimed at raising awareness of SAR's work. Students are encouraged to select and run their own advocacy campaigns for the release of imprisoned scholars across the globe as part of SAR's Scholars-in-Prison Project.

We ask that you follow our work and join in on our events to help protect and promote academic thought and freedom of expression.


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