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The Machining and Condition Monitoring (MCM) research team identifies, explores and solves advanced manufacturing problems through dedicated quality research and innovative condition monitoring techniques. We develop and support several interconnected research areas and we work closely with our industrial partners as well as manufacturing research community.

MCM research

Machining and Condition Monitoring


Currently, the MCM research team coordinates an overall project portfolio in excess of £10mil. funded by FP7 (ConforM-Jet, MiRoR, STEEP, Diplat), EPSRC, TSB and industry (e.g. Rolls-Royce, Zeeko, EWHA, etc).

Through well-balanced research skills, the MCM team distinguishes itself through innovation in the field of manufacturing thus making it successful in continuously attracting research funding from national/European/industrial funding agencies.

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To find out more then please visit the Machining and Condition Monitoring website.

If you would like to discuss the MCM research then please contact Professor Dragos Axinte


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