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New project seeks to reflect on the histories of slavery and colonialism in the British countryside

Dr Susanne Seymour (School of Geography and a Deputy Director of Institute for the Study of Slavery) has been awarded an AHRC research grant through the Connected Communities Scoping Studies & Research Review call.

The project entitled ‘Historicising and reconnecting rural community: black presences and the legacies of slavery and colonialism in rural Britain, c.1600-1939’ involves both scoping and outreach activities. It runs from February to October 2012. Dr Lowri Jones will work with Susanne Seymour on the project.

The research seeks to challenge conventional views of rural spaces and communities by considering the historical impacts of slavery and colonialism on the British countryside and their implications today. It will review existing knowledge of slavery and colonial legacies in the countryside and assess their impacts on rural communities. An archival scoping study of these issues will also be undertaken for the East Midlands and East Anglia, previously neglected areas. In addition, we will hold a series of outreach workshops involving academics, heritage and museum professionals, NGOs and wider publics to exchange information and reflect on the issues surrounding public representation of such histories.

The project’s advisory group includes a range of academic, government agency, NGO and public expertise. 

Posted on Friday 9th March 2012

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