Institute for the Study of Slavery

Research interests in slavery

Prof John Ashworth (American & Canadian Studies)
Slavery and Capitalism in North America

Dr Sarah Badcock (History)
Prisoners and Forced Labour in late Imperial and early Soviet Russia

Dr Ross Balzaretti (History)
Social History of Early Medieval Europe, including Forced Labour and Servility

Prof Celeste-Marie Bernier (American & Canadian Studies)
African American Visual Arts and the Literature, Politics, Intellectual Thought and History of Transatlantic Slavery and African American Studies

Dr Tony Burns (Politics)
Political theorists of slavery from Aristotle to Hegel and the present

Dr Jane-Marie Collins (Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies)
Gender and Slavery in Brazil

Prof Catherine Davies (Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies)
Cuban abolitionist fiction; the Spanish abolitionist Rafael María de Labra.

Prof John Drinkwater (Classics, Emeritus)
Bound Labour and Lower Class Social Movements in the West in Late Antiquity

Prof Dick Geary (History, Emeritus)
Labour in Slave and Non-Slave Societies: Brazil and Europe in the 18th and 19th Centuries

Dr Richard Goddard (History)
Servants and Indentured Apprentices in Medieval England

Dr Sheryllynne Haggerty (History)
British Atlantic Slave Trade in the 18th century

Prof Stephen Hodkinson (Classics)
Helotage in Ancient Sparta in comparative perspective

Prof Jeremy Lawrance (Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies)
Amerindian enslavement during the Spanish conquest, black slavery in Renaissance Spain

Dr Doug Lee (Classics)
Late Roman History and Slavery 

Prof Julia O’Connell Davidson (Sociology)
Trafficking and Servile Labour in the Global Sex and Domestic Industries

Dr James Roy (Classics, Emeritus)
Slavery in Classical and Hellenistic Greece

Dr Susanne Seymour (Geography)
Material, Social and Aesthetic Connections of British Landed Estates and Plantations in the British Caribbean and Legacies of Slavery in Rural Britain

Dr Claire Taylor (History)
Slavery and Serfdom in Medieval/Early Modern Europe

Prof Zoe Trodd (American and Canadian Studies)
19th-century American Slavery and Abolitionism and Contemporary Global Slavery and Human Trafficking

Samuel Okyere (Sociology)
Migrant Children and severe forms of Child Labour

Dr Abigail Ward (English)
Literary representations of slavery and Indian indenture in the British Caribbean


Postgraduate Research

ISOS welcomes postgraduates wishing to pursue doctoral research on slavery and related issues.

Current PhD students

  • Reshaad Durgahee (Geography)
    Comparative Indentures: Experiences of Indentured Labour and Transnational Identity in Mauritius and Fiji
  • Hannah Murray (American and Canadian Studies)
    The influence and legacy of African-American anti-slavery campaigners in 19th century Britain

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