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UoN Compute Service

UoN Compute Service

Local, regional and national Compute facilities allowing researchers to quickly perform large-scale calculations and analysis.

The University of Nottingham’s Compute Service offers a higher level of computational capability and capacity than can be achieved using a traditional laptop or workstation solution, to address larger research questions.

The Compute Service continues to offer everything which was available in the previous HPC (High Performance Computer, Augusta) but also offers a range of additional features and capabilities, such as the ability to run jobs in the public cloud and offer virtual machines running MS Windows to enable researchers to run desktop software on very high performance hardware.

In addition to the locally offered compute service, there are also other routes for researchers to access larger regional and national HPC facilities to tackle bigger research problems. In particular, the University participates in a consortia providing a regional Tier 2 HPC, funded by the EPSRC, HPC Midlands Plus offers a higher level of capacity than is available on site. For those researchers with the biggest needs, there are also national and international facilities available.


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