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The University offers file storage solutions for students, staff and researchers.

Access your files online

What storage is available?

Students, staff and researchers all have access to their ‘Home drive’:

Z: drive or Home drive - personal storage area
  • The default capacity is four gigabytes per person. Staff members may request additional storage (up to eight gigabytes) by contacting Campus IT support
  • You will find this mapped as the Z: drive
  • For files that that you do not need to share
  • You have sole responsibility for the content of this drive and only you have access to it (with the exception of technical staff, for administration purposes)

Staff also have access to additional filestore options:

X: drive - Application storage area
  • Department data that is too large to fit in the Shared area and cannot be classified as Research data may be hosted here
  • Traditionally used to host application files (databases etc), web site data, multimedia, installation files or important service data

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Accessing your data


  • Storage systems are mapped as drive letters for Windows computers and laptops provided by the University.
  • For student non-Windows users (eg Linux and Macintosh) - files can be accessed by visiting
  • For staff, Linux and Macintosh users may arrange to have access the data via SMB/CIFS (subject to valid security configuration) by contacting Campus IT support


All of the mentioned storage systems may be accessed off-site:

  • Visit
  • Within a remotely hosted desktop via the Citrix Service (staff)
  • Researchers may request access to Research data via SFTP

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Your responsibilities

It is the responsibility of individuals to ensure that they understand privacy issues, the sensitivity of their data, and ensure retention/deletion takes place in line with regulations and laws.

Campus IT support should be told of specific protection requirements so they can ensure the data security is compliant.

Further information and advice on retention schedules, data protection and records management is available in University policies.

It is important that University storage is not used for data, files and images that have copyright elsewhere, are of a purely personal nature (such as personal music collections) or are likely to be considered inappropriate.

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Filestore security

  • All centralised file stores are backed up and users can request the restoration of lost data – contact the IT Service Desk.
  • Should staff members wish to share data from the Shared or Research file systems with other colleagues, changes to the security system can be requested by contacting Campus IT support.
  • Access storage for UNIX specific systems by contacting the Systems team through your Campus IT support team.

Contact Campus IT support

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Requesting additional storage space

Information Services can provide additional storage for project or research support.


If members of staff require additional space, or new storage, please contact Campus IT support to discuss your requirements.


Researchers may request storage on the University’s Research file service, which provides a basic capacity of one terabyte and is available by contacting Campus IT support.

Additional Research storage can be awarded up to five terabytes, however, beyond that amount, further consultation is required.

There are some public storage solutions available (OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive). If you are using these solutions, be aware that:

  • The location of your stored data cannot be guaranteed and may be kept in areas where UK privacy wishes may not be respected.
  • There is no guarantee of data recovery so please ensure you have another backup stored elsewhere.
  • Information that is the property of the University of Nottingham should not be maintained in public storage areas. 

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