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DJ Harris Prize (Best PhD Thesis)

Established in 2015 in recognition of the work of Professor David Harris, a member of the Department of Law (later the School of Law) since 1963, Professor of Public International Law from 1981-2003 and Emeritus Professor since 2003.

Professor Harris was Head of the Department of Law from 1986-89. He started the PhD programme in the school.


2021 - Sarina Landefeld

Sarina's thesis titled 'Combatants and civilians? Individuals as constructed in international humanitarian law, c. 1864-2020’. Sarina was supervised by Professor Dino Kritsiotis and Professor Neville Wylie,University of Stirling. The internal examiner was Professor Nigel White and the external examiner was Professor Eyal Benvenisti, University of Cambridge.

2020 - Alessandra De Angelis/Katrina Peake (Joint Award) 

Alessandra's thesis titled 'Competing policy frameworks at the heart of the European Union and their impact on the process of European armaments integration'.  Alessandra was supervised by Professor Irit Mevorach, Professor Wyn Rees and Professor  Jan-Hinrik Meyer-Sahling. The internal examiner was Professor Cees van Der Eijk and the external examiner was Dr Baudouin Heuninckx, Belgium.

Katrina's thesis titled 'To what extent do EU trade and sustainable development instruments effectively promote labour rights in the textiles and clothing industry of South and South-East Asia?' Katrina was supervised by Professor Jeffrey Kenner and Dr Narine Ghazaryan. The internal examiner was Professor Dominic McGoldrick and the external examiner was Professor Tonia Novitz, University of Bristol.

2019 - Chloe Holloway

Chloe's thesis titled 'How Should the Experiences of Offenders with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (‘ASDs’) in Police Detention be Managed'. Chloe was supervised by Dr Nell Munro, Professor John Jackson and Dr Danielle Roper. The internal examiner was Professor Ralph Sandland and the external examiner was Dr Luke Beardon, Sheffield Hallam University.

2018 - Eleni Kaprou

Eleni's thesis titled 'Aggressive practices in the financial services: How to protect the vulnerable consumer'. Eleni was supervised by Professor Peter Cartwright and Professor Richard Hyde. The internal examiner was Dr Aris Georgopoulous and the external examiner was Chris Willetts.

2017 - Katie Smith

Katie's thesis titled 'Contract adjustments and public procurement: an analysis of the law and its application'. Katie was supervised by Professor Sue Arrowsmith and Professor David Fraser. The internal examiner was Dr Peter Trepte and the external examiner was Professor John Linarelli, Touro College.

2016 - Qi Chen

Qi's thesis titled 'Chinese Legal Reform and Social Control: A Case Study of Community Sanctions and Measures'.  Qi was supervised by Professor Dirk van Zyl Smit and Dr Róisín Mulgrew.  The internal examiner was and the external examiner was Professor Mike McConville, Chinese University of Hong Kong.


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