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Annamaria La Chimia

Associate Professor in Law, Faculty of Social Sciences


Expertise Summary

Dr Annamria La Chimia read Law at the University of Rome La Sapienza and moved to England for her graduate studies. She completed an LLM in International Economic Law (2002) and a PhD (2006) at the School of Law University of Nottingham.

Dr La Chimia joined the School of Law as a lecturer in September 2006 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2013. She is head of the Humanitarian and Development Procurement Unit of the Public Procurement Research Group (PPRG) and leader of the International Financial Institution Hub within the Learning Lab on Procurement and Human Rights. She is a founding member of the European Association on Public Private Partnership (EAPPP) and a member of the Transatlantic Food Assistance Dialogue (TAFAD). Dr La Chimia is Co-Investigator for the Rising from the Depths projects, funded by the AHRC-GCRF (the project is worth over 2 Million pounds).

Dr La Chimia is the School's Equality officer, she chairs the Equality and Diversity Committee and she leads the School's Athena Swan application. She is the convener for the LLM Specialism in Law and Development and she teaches on a range of modules at both UG, PG and Executive level.

Dr La Chimia has taught at various international institutions, including the Masters Degree Program on Human Development and Food Security at the Universita' degli Studi di Roma Tre (since 2004), the Masters Degree on Public Administration, University of Rome Tre (2006 and 2008); the Masters Degree on Procurement at the Stellenbosch University (2011) and at the International Master on Procurement at the Universita' Tor Vergata (2017). She was a Visiting Professor at the University LUISS Guido Carli of Rome (2010), at the University Statale of Milan (2015), at the University of Copenhagen and at the Danish Institute for Human Rights (2017).

She has received funding from a range of institutions, more recently by the AHRC as Co-Investigator for the Rising from the Depths project (worth over 2-million £) ); in 2016 by the BA-Levehulme Trust (as Principal Investigator -) to conduct research on procurement and Human Rights; in 2017 by the Nottingham Governance RPA as Principal Investigator to conduct research on discretion and the use of flexible procedures within the new EU procurement Directives, in 2016 by the Rights and Justice RPA to organize a workshop on aid and migration (with Daria Davitti); and In 2009 by the British Academy, again as PI, to carry out a project on food aid policies entitled "Food aid on both sides of the Atlantic: a comparative study of EU and US food aid projects" (completed in December 2011). In 2010 Dr La Chimia was awarded the prize "premio professionalita' 'Rocca D'Oro' Europa Leader," this prize is awarded under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Italy and is bestowed to academics, public officials and artists who excel in their field in Italy and abroad.

Dr La Chimia's main research interests lie within the area of International Development, Public Procurement Law, International Trade Law and European Law.

Dr La Chimia has done extensive research on tied aid policies in the context of EU law and international trade law, on aid effectiveness and food aid/food security. She is also interested in developing countries' procurement policies, aid harmonization, Sustainable Procurement and Human Rights, PPP/PFI (looking at aid privatization and the promotion of PPP in developing countries). More recently she has started a new project with Dr Daria Davitti on aid and migration and a new research initiative with Dr Jon Henderson on aid and cultural heritage.

Prior to joining the School of Law, Dr La Chimia worked as a lawyer in Italy where she qualified as a Barrister and Solicitor in 2002. She became a member of the Italian Bar and acted as counselor in front of the Italian Administrative Court, the Employment Tribunal and the High Court.

She has acted as an expert advisor for the UK Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI), the European Commission (DG Trade and DG Development), as a consultant for the NGO ActionAid and the Commonwealth Secretariat. She has also participated in a SIGMA project on the review of the Romanian domestic public procurement legislation.

She is the author of Tied Aid within the Framework of EU and WTO Law: the Imperative for Change (Hart 2013) the leading monograph on this topic and has written extensively on development procurement, food aid and related topics publishing in prestigious edited collections and refereed journals such as the International and Comparative Law Quarterly, The European Law Review, the Public Procurement Law Review, the Journal of International Economic Law, the Trade Law and Development Journal, and the Irish Yearbook of International Law.

Dr Annamaria La Chimia

Laurea ("La Sapienza di Roma", Italy), LLM and PhD (Nottingham), Barrister and Solicitor, Member of the Italian Bar Association, founding member of EAPPP, member of TAFAD.

Associate Professor in Law

Teaching Summary

Dr La Chimia teaches the following modules:


EU Law,

Law and Development: Approaches, Actors and issues


Law, Development and the International Community

Executive LLM on procurement Law and Policy:

Procurement and Development

Research Summary

Her main research interests lie within the area of European Law (especially External Relations, Public Procurement, and Internal Market) as well as International Trade Law and Development policies.

She has done extensive research on tied aid policies in the context of EU law and international trade law. She is currently researching on food aid and food security, rural development, and agricultural trade liberalization within the context of the WTO. She is also interested in regional integration, developing countries' procurement policies, aid harmonization, and the development of the European Partnership Agreements (EPAS).

Current PhD Students:

  • Filipon, Serban : Non-traditional Regular Purchases Arrangements in Public Procurement (co-supervised with Professor Sue Arrowsmith)
  • Kaya, Bedii : The Correlation between Public Procurement and Development: the Case of Turkey (co-supervised with Dr Ping Wang) PhD Completed
  • Ke Ren (co-supervised with Dr Ping Wang
  • Charlotte Owen (Co-suervised with Pter Davies)

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