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Dominic McGoldrick

Professor of International Human Rights Law, Faculty of Social Sciences


Selected Publications

Current PhD Students

  • Wallace, Stuart: Preventing torture, inhuman and degrading treatment resulting from detainee transfers in Iraq and Afghanistan through the European Convention on Human Rights (co-supervisor Dr Marko Milanovic)
  • 2016. ‘A defence of the margin of appreciation and an argument for its application by the human rights committee’ International and Comparative Law Quarterly. 21-60
  • DOMINIC MCGOLDRICK, 2016. In: Affording States a Margin of Appreciation: Comparing the European Court of Human Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights Brill/Martinus Nijhoff. (In Press.)
  • DOMINIC MCGOLDRICK, 2016. Religious Rights and the Margin of Appreciation. In: Human Rights Between Law and Politics - The Margin of Appreciation in Post-National Contexts Hart, Oxford. (In Press.)
  • 2016. The Development and Status of Sexual Orientation Discrimination under International Human Rights Law Human Rights Law Review. (In Press.)
  • DOMINIC MCGOLDRICK, 2013. Developments in the Right to be Forgotten Human Rights Law Review. 13(4), 761
  • DOMINIC MCGOLDRICK, 2012. Religion and Legal Spaces: In Gods We Trust; In Churches We Trust, But Need To Verify Human Rights Law Review. 12(4), 759-86
  • MCGOLDRICK, D., 2010. The boundaries of justiciability International and Comparative Law Quarterly. 59(4), 981-1019
  • DOMINIC MCGOLDRICK, 2009. State Identity and Genocide: The Bosnian Genocide Case. In: KAIKOBAD K, BOHLANDER M, ed., International Law and Power: Perspectives on Legal Order and Justice Brill. 255-303
  • MCGOLDRICK, D., 2008. Terrorism and human rights paradigms: the United Kingdom after 11 September 2001. In: BIANCHI, A. and KELLER, A., eds., Counterterrorism: democracy's challenge Hart. 111-231

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