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Legal Services

Legal Services provides legal advice and representation to the University. Instructions ordinarily come from the University's senior managers or their delegates. The solicitors within Legal Services act on behalf of the University and are unable to undertake personal legal work for individual members of staff, or students. 


Contacting the Team

Kate Gallagher
General Counsel/Director of Legal Services
Legal Practice Areas: Employment, Regulatory, Student, Litigation
Working Hours: Mon Tues Wed Frid

Iram Kiani
In-House Solicitor
Legal Practice Areas: Commercial, Intellectual Property, Student, Litigation, CMA, Fitness to Practice, OIA Case Work
Working Hours: Tues -Frid                                 

Emma Youd 
Legal Adviser 
Legal Practice Areas: Student, Litigation, CMA, Fitness to Practice, OIA Case Work, Inquests 
Working Hours: Mon - Frid  

Beena Adatia 
Director of Commercial Legal Services
Legal Practice Areas: Commercial, Procurement
Working Hours: Mon - Frid

Simon Gill
In-House Commercial Solicitor
Legal Practice Areas: Commercial, Information Law
Working Hours: Mon - Frid


Karen Griffin
In-House Commercial Lawyer 
Legal Practice Areas: Commercial, Property 
Working Hours: Mon - Frid 


James Ferguson
Work Areas: OIA Case Work, Assisting General Counsel with Employment Matters, General Litigation Assistance
Working Hours: Mon - Frid

Elena Petre
Paralegal (Fixed term)
Work Areas: OIA Case Work, Commercial
Working Hours: Mon - Frid


Jackie Hallatt
Legal Services Administrator
Working Hours: Mon - Tues (8am - 1pm), Wed - Frid (8.30am to 3pm)



Procurement of External Legal Advice

Procurement of external legal advice and representation for the University is also provided through Legal Services, see: 

Process for Purchasing External Legal Services [PDF]


Authority to Approve and Sign Contracts

The University has established protocols setting out the levels of authority required to enter into contracts, see:

Authority to Approve and Sign Contracts Code of Practice [Staff access only]


Related Links

For accessing advice on research contracts, and IP commercialisation see:

  • Research Contracts Team: The team is responsible for the drafting, reviewing and negotiation of research and research related contracts.

    Rachel Brereton
    Director of Research and Innovation Operations

  • IP and Commercialisation [further information to follow]

    Susan Huxtable
    Director of Intellectual Property Management and Commercialisation

For advice and support to students, see:

For information on the insurance requirements of contractors, see:

Policies and Training Information

A series of 10 minute video Podbriefings are available to educate staff on important compliance issues. Each short video follows a scenario and includes narration from a lawyer who explains the relevant legal points and how these could apply to the University. 

Links to the University's policies and procedures can also be found here: University Policy Finder



Legal Services welcomes feedback. Please leave feedback comments at: Legal Services Feedback

The following policy sets out how you can raise a complaint about Legal Services at the University: Legal Services Complaints Policy and Procedure


















Legal Services

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