Legal Services


The Podbriefings are a series of short videos that aim to inform staff and to raise awareness on important legal topics and issues of compliance.

Each video contains an interview with a practising lawyer who is an expert in the relevant field and who explains the current law in a succinct way, focusing on the main points that staff need to be aware of. Relevant University policies and procedures are also highlighted.

The interviews are also complemented by acted scenarios which illustrate the legal principles in context while outlining potential pitfalls and sanctions. Additionally, the Podbriefing videos are in the process of being integrated into interactive e-learning modules.

Each Podbriefing is now accessible through the University's Central Short Courses pages as part of the Policy and Compliance Online Courses

The links below provide direct access to each Podbriefing resource on the Central Short Courses system:

Legal Services

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