Annual Library Book Stock Review 2022

The consultation closed on 27 May.

The book stock review is a collaborative process we undertake to ensure that our collections remain relevant for teaching and research by reviewing titles which have not been borrowed for a certain number of years and which are widely held nationally.  

We want to work in partnership with academics to make decisions about these titles. We review stock annually in the Spring term. 


The process and criteria

In a typical year, we might buy around 10,000 new print items. Shelves in many locations are too full to add new books, and retention of unused titles makes it both difficult to find specific books and to browse for titles most likely to be of interest.  

In 2019, we piloted a new approach to withdrawing final copies of low-use books from our libraries and Stores. We worked with our academic community to agree a systematic and standard approach to withdrawing material. We repeated the process in 2020 and were again delighted with the level of engagement with the listings of items that we shared. For understandable reasons, we were unable to undertake a stock review in 2020-21. To date, academic comments have allowed us to identify more than 4,000 items which, although low-use, are important to teaching and research.


For the 2021-22 review, we have concentrated on Central Store and Denis Arnold Music Library. We've included selected Music Library reference items as these may be out-of-date. Items with a reference classmark in Store are also included, as these have been available to request.

We have used a combination of library data and national tools to identify titles which match the following criteria

  • Item held by the Library for more than 10 years
  • Item not borrowed for a certain number of years (10 for Arts and Social Sciences, 6 for STEM)
  • Item not on a reading list in the online reading list system 
  • Item not previously flagged for retention 
  • Item also available in a number of other Research Libraries UK (RLUK) libraries (7-10 for Arts and Social Sciences, 3 for Science, MHS, Engineering, 7-10 for Stores) 

The resulting lists of eligible titles were available to colleagues in academic departments until the end of Friday 27 May (a 13 week reviewing period). 

After this date we will review your comments and plan for the summer vacation when we will remove or move stock, update the catalogue and reorganise shelf space. 

If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Collections Team.

How to contribute

The consultation closed on 27 May.

Colleagues in academic departments are welcome to identify any titles you want us to keep.

  1. Please review the listings from the Library or Store spreadsheets below.
  2. If you need more information to inform your decision, copy and paste the item’s NUsearch record number into NUsearch to see the full record details. 
  3. Select Yes from the drop-down in the Keep column for any titles that you consider are still relevant and therefore want us to retain.
  4. Please add a brief note into the adjacent column explaining why you want it to be kept.

We welcome academic engagement with this process so that collaboratively we can make the right decisions about our collections.

Current listings which meet the criteria

Denis Arnold Music Library 

  • 7-10 other holding libraries. 


  • 11+ other holding libraries. 



Central Store

  • Not borrowed for 10 years and available in 7-10 other holding libraries.   


  • Not borrowed for 10 years and available in 11+ other holding libraries. 



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