More Books

There are over a million print and ebooks available for you to use in our libraries but we know from your feedback that we don't always have what you need.

You can request more books

  • if we do not already have what you need in our libraries

  • or we do not have enough copies for you to use.

More Books


Log into NUsearch to access request forms

More copies

If you've been waiting a long time or don't think we have enough copies, please email us.

Have you already requested the book on NUsearch? If not email us for more copies.

Tell us if we need to buy more copies

Interlibrary loans

If we don't have it, we can obtain items for you to borrow from elsewhere.

Sign into NUsearch and choose the Interlibrary Loan option from the main menu

Request an Interlibrary Loan 

Suggest a book

We'll use your suggestions to add books to our library collections.

Sign into NUsearch to access the book suggestion form via the top menu. Your library account will track progress of the suggestion. 

Log in to NUsearch to request a book


Request items to support your teaching?Can't find a book on the shelves? Report a missing book

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