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Library Access browser extension

Get easy access to online study and research materials, wherever you are, with the Library Access browser extension.

About the browser extension

Library Access is a browser extension that makes it much easier to access journals, databases, ebooks or other websites when working off campus.

The extension will notify you when you’re on a website that the University has a subscription for. Follow the link to get simple access to all licensed material on that site without having to visit the Library website first.

If the material you’d like to use doesn’t seem accessible, the extension will automatically check for open access versions.

Library Access is available for the following browsers on laptop and desktop computers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari or Opera. 

Library Access update 

The Library Access browser extension has undergone a recent redesign to: 

  • improve the user experience
  • address user feedback, including non-invasive pop-ups in the extension
  • improve performance, so articles load quicker, and users get to library resources faster

Currently, the updated version of Library Access is only available for Chrome and will be available to users of Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge over the coming weeks. 

If you already have Library Access installed, it should be updated automatically.  You may need to reselect your institution.

Get started

  1. Install the Library Access browser extension
  2. Select University of Nottingham as your institution.
  3. The Library Access icon Library Access icon should now show in your browser bar
    Screenshot showing Library Access icon in the browser toolbar
  4. When visiting a website that the University has a subscription for, follow the Library Access pop up link for simple access to the licenced content.

Using Library Access 


Browser icon

The browser extension shows an icon in the bookmarks bar and works like a traffic light.

  • Green icon - you have access to material on that website
  • Orange icon - there is a notification message to read
  • Grey icon - the extension is inactive or you don't have access


Your privacy

By using the Library Access extension you will remain completely anonymous. The Library Access browser extension doesn’t collect any personal information unless you actively share it. And it doesn’t collect your IP address or your device’s unique device IDs.

View the Library Access privacy statement

Help and support

If you have any queries about using Library Access, please email

University of Nottingham Libraries

King's Meadow Campus
Lenton Lane
Nottingham, NG7 2NR

Please see our Help and support page for
telephone and email
contact points