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International imaging success for SLIM


Structured Illumination and STORM Super-Resolution

Robert Markus, a member of the School of Life Sciences imaging (SLIM) team has just been awarded image of distinction for his two entries in the international Nikon small world imaging competition, and so was ranked in the top 60 entries worldwide. The images were both acquired on the SoLS super resolution microscope and details are:

BPAE cell labelled with Dapi for the nucleus (magenta), phalloidin for the action cytoskeleton (cyan) and mitotracker (yellow) and acquired with Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM). 1100x.

Super-resolution image (dSTORM) of a dividing bacterium with single molecule localisations of a peptide (orange dots) along the bacterial DNA (green dots). The respective wide field image of the peptide and the DNA is shown in red and DNA in pink, respectively.

For more information please view the SLIM webpage.

Posted on Thursday 15th October 2015

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