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Alexander Tarr

Associate Professor in Molecular Virology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


  • workRoom W/A1328c Microbiology
    Queen's Medical Centre
    NG7 2UH
  • work0115 74 86468
  • fax0115 8230759

Teaching Summary

Co-course lead, MSc Clinical Microbiology (Distance Learning)

Module convenor, LIFE4008 Viral Pathogenesis & Infections

Module co-convenor, LIFE4112, Core Research Methods: Transferable Skills

Module convenor LIFE4121 Viral Pathogenesis & Infections (distance learning)

Module co-convenor LIFE4133 Core Research Methods: Transferable Skills (distance learning)

Undergraduate teaching: I contribute to modules LIFE2010 (Medical Microbiology) and LIFE2080 (Infection & Immunity), contributing lectures on cancers of viral aetiology, innate and adaptive immune responses to virus infections, and mechanisms of virus evasion of host immunity.

Postgraduate teaching: I contribute lectures on virus replication strategies, anti-viral immunity, viral oncogenesis, hepatitis C virus, hepatitis B virus, HIV-1 and herpesviruses. I also contribute sessions on data analysis & presentation and oral presentation skills.

External teaching: I contribute to MSc teaching at the London School of Medicine and Tropical Diseases.

Selected Publications

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