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Ed Bolt

Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



University of London: BSc. & PhD 1989-1995

Wellcome Trust Research Career development Fellowship, University of Nottingham 2002-2006

University Lecturer/Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham 2006-present

Expertise Summary

Molecular biology of genome dynamics and maintenance;


Homologous Recombination

Antibiotic resistance mechanisms

Teaching Summary

I convene modules about molecular biology of DNA repair, CRISPR systems and RNA biology more generally.

Undergraduate projects join my group for funded summer vacation studentships and final year projects investigating the biology of CRISPR systems in bacteria, and mechanisms of DNA repair.

Research Summary

My group is currently (2021) funded by BBSRC responsive-mode project grants and by drug-discovery companies to investigate DDR and CRISPR immunity.

Further information can be seen in Orcid;

Selected Publications

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