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Ian Kerr

Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


Research Summary

My research interests are the mechanisms and structures of proteins involved in transmembrane flux.

In particular, the group works on ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporters which are involved in multidrug efflux from cancer cells, and which are involved inthe clinical drug resistance of many tumour types. We have strong collaborations with the group of Beth Coyle to understand the role played by ABC transporters in pediatric brain tumour drug drug resistance, and with the group of Richard Callaghan to understand the mechanism of human ABC proteins.

Other projects that are in progress concern the Plasmodium chloroquine transporter, PfCRT, which is implicated in the failure of anti-malarial therapy (MRC funded collaboration with Richard Callaghan), and the function and mechanisms of auxin transporters in plants (collaboration with Malcolm Bennett and Ranjan Swarup).

Selected Publications

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