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This is a select list of websites consulted by Manuscripts and Special Collections staff in the research for 'Archdeaconry Resources' in 2004-2005. The websites include resources relating to Nottinghamshire churches and parish histories, and resources relating to church court records and procedures in other parts of the country.

All links were checked in August 2009.


Detailed guides to other church court records


Articles relating to church records and research

  • 'The Records of Earls Colne; Records of an English Village 1375-1854'.
    A project originally funded by the Social Science Research Council and the Research Centre of King's College, Cambridge, to try to reconstruct the history of a village and its inhabitants. Relevant documents, including entries from Archdeaconry court books, have been transcribed onto a database and indexed by personal name and date. The entire database has now been converted to Extensible Markup Language (XML) and is freely available on the internet. The site includes useful essays on church records (under the heading 'Reference').
  • 'Archdeaconry records and the family historian' by Joan Dils in Berkshire Family Historian, December 2000.
  • Articles by Alan Roberts concerning the history of Appleby Magna, Leicestershire. The series includes 'A 16th Century Scandal', 'Scandalous Wordes in an Appleby Alehouse', and 'An Appleby Penitent', each drawing on records from the Leicester Archdeaconry court.
  • The Clergy of the Church of England Database. A collaborative project aiming to create a relational database documenting the careers of all Church of England clergymen between 1540 and 1835. The project is still on-going and does not yet include complete data for all dioceses. 


Nottinghamshire resources


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