Manuscripts and Special Collections

Heritage Digitisation Service


We provide high quality digital imaging of heritage, archive and research collections, so you can:

  • Preserve originals
  • Share material through digital access
  • Produce printed facsimiles
  • Use images in publications, exhibitions presentations, marketing and commercial activities
Mark Bentley photographing a book  using the preservation book cradle


Our expert staff and specialist equipment enable us to deal with a wide range of material, including:

  • Books and bound volumes, including fragile bindings
  • Manuscripts and archival material of all types
  • 2D works of art and flat textiles
  • Photographs, slides and glass plates
  • Large format material, such as maps, plans and blueprints
  • Small 3D objects, such as coins, medals, plaques, and other objects suited to overhead photography.




Manuscripts and Special Collections

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