Manuscripts and Special Collections

Types of record found within the collections

A wealth of different types of archival record are found within family and estate collections, though because of the wide variety in geographical and chronological coverage, not every collection will contain every record type.

Some of the most significant record types are:

  • Property records - title deeds and settlements
  • Accounting papers - including rentals, vouchers, surveys and valuations
  • Legal papers
  • Inventories
  • Correspondence
  • Enclosure papers
  • Manorial papers - court rolls, custumals, terriers, surveys etc
  • Personal and political papers
  • Maps and plans

To assist users in interpreting these record types, Manuscripts and Special Collections is developing a series of Skills Resources. Links to the Skills Resources will be added here as each successive set becomes available. The Skills Resources currently accessible are:

Manuscripts and Special Collections is also producing Skills Resources relating to some general skills required when using historical documents. Again, links will be added as each successive set becomes available. Those currently accessible are:


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