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Theme 1 - The Invasion of 1688

The following were the main books used in the compilation of this unit in 1965 and 1976:

  • Ehrman, John, The navy in the war of William III, 1689-1697 (Cambridge, 1953). Contains a chapter on 'the mobilization of 1688'.
  • Grew, Marion E., William Bentinck and William III (London, 1924). Based on the Bentinck papers formerly at Welbeck Abbey and now in Manuscripts and Special Collections at the University of Nottingham
  • Macaulay, T.B., The history of England from the accession of James II, in six volumes, vol. Ill (London, 1914). Lavishly illustrated with portraits (some in colour), and reproductions of contemporary broadsides, manuscripts, and engravings.
  • Mitchell, A.A., 'The revolution of 1688 and the flight of James II', in History Today , July 1965, pp. 496-504. An illustrated article, discussing the various reasons which historians have suggested for the flight of James II.
  • Ogg, David, England in the reigns of James II and William III (Oxford, 1957)
  • Powley, Edward B, The English navy in the revolution of 1688 (Cambridge, 1928)
  • Turner, F.C., James II (London, 1948)

More recently published works include:

  • Childs, J., The Army, James II, and the Glorious Revolution (Manchester University Press, 1981)
  • Cruickshanks, Eveline, The Glorious Revolution (Macmillan, 2000)
  • Israel, Jonathan I. (ed.), The Anglo-Dutch moment : essays on the Glorious Revolution and its world impact (Cambridge University Press, 1991)
  • Onnekink, David, The Anglo-Dutch Favourite: the career of Hans Willem Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland 1649-1709 (UCL and University of Utrecht PhD Thesis, 2004 - copy held in Manuscripts and Special Collections, University of Nottingham)
  • Schazmann, Paul-Emile, The Bentincks: The History of a European Family (London, 1976)
  • Troost, Wout, translated by J.C. Grayson, William III: The Stadholder-King: a Political Biography (Ashgate, 2005)


A useful website is:


Theme 2 - The 1745 Rebellion

The following were the main books used in the compilation of this unit in 1975:

  • The Gentleman's Magazine (1745-46)
  • London Evening Post (1745-46)
  • Boyse, Samuel, An Impartial History of the Late Rebellion (1748)
  • Chevalier de Johnstone, A Memoir of the 'Forty-Five'
  • Daiches, David, Charles Edward Stuart, Life and Times of Bonnie Prince Charlie (London, 1973)
  • Fergusson, Sir James, Argyll in the Forty-Five (1951)
  • Gaskell, Philip, Morven Transformed: A Highland Parish in the Nineteenth Century (Cambridge, 1968)
  • Jarvis, Rupert C., Collected Papers on the Jacobite Risings , 2 vols. (Manchester, 1971, 1972)
  • Petrie, Sir Charles, The Jacobite Movement, The last Phase 1716-1807 (1950)
  • Prebble, John, Culloden (1961)
  • Selby, John, Over the Sea to Skye (London, 1973)
  • Tomasson, K. and Buist, F., Battles of the '45 (Batsford, 1962)
  • Tayler, A. and H., 1745 and After (Edinburgh, 1938)
  • Youngson, A.J., After the Forty-Five (Edinburgh, 1973)


More recently published works include the following:

  • Black, Jeremy, Culloden and the ’45 (Stroud, 1990)
  • Hook, Michael and Ross, Walter, The ’Forty-five : the last Jacobite rebellion (Edinburgh: HMSO, 1995)
  • Lenman, Bruce, The Jacobite risings in Britain, 1689-1746 (London, 1980)
  • Maclean, Fitzroy, Bonnie Prince Charlie (New York, 1989)
  • McLynn, Frank, The Jacobites (London, 1985)
  • McLynn, Frank, The Jacobite army in England, 1745 : the final campaign (Edinburgh, 1983)
  • Pittock, Murray G. H., Jacobitism (Basingstoke, 1998)
  • Speck, W.A., The butcher : the Duke of Cumberland and the suppression of 45 (Oxford, 1981)


There are a number of websites relating to Jacobitism and the 1745 Rebellion, including:


Theme 3 - Sir Henry Clinton and the War for America

The following were the main books used in the compilation of this unit in 1976:

  • Alden, John R., The South in the Revolution, 1763-1739 (Baton Rouge, 1957)
  • Billias, George A., George Washington's Opponents: British Generals and Admirals in the American Revolution (New York, 1969)
  • Boatner, M.M., Cassell's Biographical Dictionary of the American War of Independence, 1763-1783 (London, 1973)
  • Brown, Weldon A., Empire or Independence: A study in the failure of Reconciliation (Baton Rouge, 1941, reprinted 1966)
  • Craven, Avery & Johnson, Walter, The United States, Experiment in Democracy (Boston, 1962)
  • Farley, M. Foster, 'The Battle for Sullivan's Island 1776', History Today , 26, 2, (1976) pp. 83-92
  • Flexner, James T., The Traitor and the Spy: Benedict Arnold and John Andre (New York, 1953)
  • Handlin, Oscar et. al., Harvard Guide to American History (Cambridge, Mass.,1954)
  • Higginbotham, D., The American War of Independence, Military Attitudes, Policies and Practice (London and New York, 1971)
  • Johnson, David, 'The American Revolution', Jackdaw 14, (London, 1965)
  • Mackesy, Piers, The War for America, 1775-1783 (Cambridge, Mass., 1964)
  • Morison, S.E. and Commager, H.S., The Growth of the American Republic , 2 vols. (New York, 1962)
  • R.B. Morris and H.S. Commager, The Spirit of Seventy-Six... , 2 vols. (Indianapolis, and New York, 1958)
  • Namier, Sir Lewis B., England in the Age of the American Revolution (London, 1930)
  • Niehardt, Wilfried, 'The struggle for the Fourteenth Colony', Canadian Jackdaw C26 (1973)
  • Pares, Richard, George III and the Politicians (Oxford, 1953)
  • Pole, J.R., The Revolution in America, 1754-1788 (London, 1970)
  • Thomas, P.D.G., British Politics and the Stamp Act Crisis (Oxford, 1975)
  • Valentine, A., Lord George Germain (Oxford, 1962)
  • Wickwire, Franklin B. and Wickwire, Mary, Cornwallis: The American Adventure (New York, 1970)
  • Willcox, William B., Portrait of a General: Sir Henry Clinton in the War of Independence (New York, 1964)
  • Willcox, William B., (ed), The American Rebellion, Sir Henry Clinton's Narrative of his campaigns, 1775-1782, with an appendix of original documents (New Haven, 1954)
  • Wood, Gordon S., The creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787 (Norton for the Institute of Early American History and Culture at Williamsburg, Virginia, 1972)


More recently published works include the following:

  • Bailyn, Bernard, The ideological origins of the American Revolution (Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1992)
  • Bonwick, Colin, The American revolution (Macmillan, 1991)
  • Draper, Theodore, A Struggle for Power: The American Revolution (Little, Brown, 1996)
  • Middlekauff, Robert, The glorious cause: the American Revolution, 1763-1789 (Oxford, 2005)


There are a number of websites relating to the American Revolution, including:


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