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Business accounting


Rosemary E. Boyne, Trevor Boyns, John Richard Edwards. Historical accounting records : a guide for archivists and researchers (London: Society of Archivists, 2000) [King's Meadow Campus Ref HF5616.G7]

John Armstrong and Stephanie Jones. Business documents: their origins, sources and uses in historical research (London and New York: Mansell Publishing, 1987) [King's Meadow Campus Manuscripts Department HF5849.67.A7]

J.R. Edwards. A History of Financial Accounting (London: Routledge, 1989)

S. Marriner. 'Company financial statements as source material for business historians', Business History 22(2), 1980, 203-35.

Basil S. Yamey (ed.) The historical development of accounting : a selection of papers ( New York : Arno Press, 1978)

B.S. Yamey. 'Business accounts' in T.C. Barker, R.H. Campbell and P. Mathias (eds), Business History (London: The Historical Association, 1960). ('Helps for Students of History' no 59)

A.C. Littleton and B.S. Yamey. Studies in the History of Accounting (London: Sweet and Maxwell, 1956)

Nicholas A.H. Stacey. English accountancy : a study in social and economic history, 1800-1954 (London : Gee, 1954)


John Orbell and Alison Turton. British banking : a guide to historical records

(Aldershot : Ashgate, 2001) [King's Meadow Campus (MSS) Ref HG1616.R4]

Robert Goodacre. A Treatise on Book-Keeping adapted to the use of Schools (Nottingham, 1818) [King's Meadow Campus Briggs Collection LT210.HF/G6]


Local history and taxation records

Jeremy Gibson, Mervyn Medlycott and Dennis Mills.Land and Window Tax Assessments, 1690-1950 (Bury : Federation of Family History Societies. 2nd edn, 1998; updated 2nd edn, 2004) [King's Meadow Campus (MSS) Ref CS434.G4]

M. Jurkowski, C. Smith and D. Crook, Lay Taxes in England and Wales, 1188-1688 (Kew, 1998)


L. M. Munby (ed). Short guides to records. First series - guides 1-24. New edn (London, 1994). [King's Meadow Campus Ref D8.H4.S1]

K.M. Thompson (ed). Short guides to records. Second series - guides 25-48 (London, 1997). [King's Meadow Campus Ref D8.H4.S25]

Both these volumes include notes on parish accounts and taxation records.


Mary Ellis. Using Manorial Records, Public Record Office Readers' Guide No 6 (Kew : PRO, 1997) [King's Meadow Campus (MSS) Ref CS434.E5]

This book includes a chapter on manorial accounts.

W. E. Tate. The parish chest : a study of the records of parochial administration in England (Chichester : Phillimore, 2000; Reprint. Originally published: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1969) [King's Meadow Campus (MSS) Ref CD1068.T2]

The classic study of parish records, including reference to the accounts of the churchwardens, the overseers of the poor, and other parish officials


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