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Student profiles - postgraduate research 

Our postgraduate researchers shared their experiences of studying at Nottingham.

Lorna Burnell
PhD Mathematics

Whilst studying for my BSc in Geography at the University of Nottingham, I heard about the Modelling and Analytics for a Sustainable Society (MASS) Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) through one of my undergraduate lecturers.

Edward Acheampong
PhD Mathematics

My interest in mathematics dates back to my early childhood. I have always excelled in mathematics and mathematics-related subjects in senior high school. My motivation for pursuing a degree in mathematics stems from my understanding of the importance of mathematics in formulating and solving real-world problems.

Two years of extensive study during my Master of Statistics degree with specialization in biostatistics, and five years of working as a lecturer / researcher in statistics inspired me pursue a doctorate degree in mathematics.

My research topic is entitled “The impact of user behaviour on wastewater constituents and consequent water treatment”. 

Simon Maurer
Simon Maurer
PhD Mathematics

I chose the University of Nottingham for postgraduate study as the course in financial and computational maths has the perfect mix of applied and theoretical mathematical modules, as well as its strong emphasis on being market-ready. The most exciting part of applied mathematics is that there are many applications; often theoretical problems that can be applied to numerous fields, such as physics and biology. 

The teaching was overall very good and at a high level. In my experience the class size was less than 20, which allowed a good student-teacher interaction, and so it was never a problem to ask questions and discuss topics.

After my MSc, I decided to stay at here to continue with a PhD in Mathematics. In the years leading up to doing my PhD, I have always received great support by my supervisor to try different jobs and discuss possibilities after my PhD within research and the industry. All university staff and supervisors are very supportive during any phase of postgraduate student life. During my PhD, the work has been much more independent, allowing me to develop more as an individual.

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