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Non-Medical Integrated Clinical Academic Programmes

The University of Nottingham in partnership with the East Midlands Research Design Service and Applied Research Collaboration East Midlands offer a comprehensive Clinical Academic Training programme for non-medical health care professionals no matter what stage they're at in their careers.

We offer the best environment to support clinical academic career development:

  • Research training and mentorship from experienced clinical academics
  • Access to research leaders in programmatic themes e.g. older people, health economics, community rehabilitation, long term conditions, stroke rehabilitation, mental health; child and maternal health, rehabilitation, e-learning technologies
  • A vibrant, internationally recognised research culture, excellence in teaching
  • Well established clinical academic networks & National Institute of Health Research award holders
  • Over a decade of success in supporting individuals through the ICA pathway

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HEE/NIHR Internship

Typically suitable for registered professionals without postgraduate qualifications or formal training in research. This award supports clinicians to go on to apply for a research Master’s programme or NIHR Pre-Doctoral Clinical Academic Fellowship (PCAF). This programme is managed by the University of Lincoln.

Pre-Doctoral Bridging Programme

For those who have completed a Masters or equivalent postgraduate qualification and are looking to further develop a clinical academic career.

Post-Doctoral Bridging Programme

support post-doctoral individuals in applying for either the NIHR/HEE ICA Clinical Lectureship scheme or an equivalent award from elsewhere that is relevant for their clinical academic career development.

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