Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
30 Years of Nursing

Award Winners in Nursing

Our extraordinary students and staff have been winning awards throughout our 30 years of Nursing.

Student Nursing Times Awards

Awards highlighting excellence in nursing education to shine a light on the brightest talents making their way into the profession and those going above and beyond to support student nurses on their journey.

Winners of the Student Nursing Times Awards
2014 Emily Gartshore Student Nurse of the Year: Adult
2014 National Junior Leadership Academy, University of Nottingham and University of Wolverhampton​ Teaching Innovation of the Year
2015 Emma Carpenter Student Nurse of the Year: Learning Disabilities
2016 Aquiline Chivinge Learner of the Year Post-Registration
2016 University of Nottingham Nurse Education Provider of the Year (post-registration)
2016 Jodi Shaw Outstanding Contribution to Student Affairs
2016 Craig Bell Student Nurse of the Year: Learning Disabilities
2017 Claire Vinter Student Midwife of the Year
2017 Abigail Baxter Student Nurse of the Year: Learning Disabilities
2017 University of Nottingham Student Experience
2017 University of Nottingham Teaching Innovation of the Year
2018 Anna Johnson Student Nurse of the Year: Learning Disabilities
2019 Phoebe Miles Learner of the Year: Post-registration
2019 University of Nottingham, School of Health Sciences BME Student Network Mary Seacole Award for Outstanding Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion
2019 Rachel Dakin Student Nurse of the Year: Children


Lord Dearing Award

An award given to staff for outstanding contribution to the development of teaching and student learning.

Winners of the Lord Dearing Award
  • Mrs Mary Chapple
  • Professor Heather Warrad
  • Mrs Elizabeth Cotrll-Gibbons
  • Professor Joanne Lymn


  • Professor Paul Crawford
  • Dr Theo Stickley
  • Ms Sarah Westwater-Wood
  • Dr Stephen Timmons
  • Dr Brenda Rush
  • Mrs Elizabeth Aston
  • Mrs Jenny Bailey
  • Dr Janet Barker
  • Dr Carol Hall
  • Dr Richard Windle
  • Professor Joanne Lymn
  • Dr Dianne Bowskill
  • Dr Julie McGarry
  • Ms Sue Thompson
  • Dr Aimee Aubeeluck
  • Dr Derek Chamber
  • Mrs Fern Todhunter
  • Dr Bob Hallawell
  • Miss Alison Clark
  • Dr Jayne Marshall
  • Dr Catrin Evans
  • Mrs Kerry Lewis
  • Dr Milika Matiti
  • Dr Damion McCormick
  • Mr Richard Pitt
  • Ms Jan Royal Fern
  • 2014
  • Miss Anne Felton
  • Mrs Penny Howard
  • Miss Cin Mond Kong
  • Miss Lindsay McLoughlin
  • Dr Richard Windle
  • Mr James Henderson
  • Mr Michael Taylor
  • Mr Aaron Fecowycz
  • Dr Aimee Aubeeluck
  • Dr Holly Blake
  • Mrs Jacqui Carr
  • Dr Linda East
  • Miss Stacy Johnson
  • Dr Claire Mann
  • Mrs Catherine Moore
  • Ms Sarah Westwater-Wood
  • Mr Grahame Pope
  • Dr Derek Chambers
  • Dr Gemma Stacey
  • Burkit Harapan Team: Mrs Marjan Blackburn, Mrs Laura Loeber, Mrs Grahame Pope, Ms Sarah Westwater-Wood
  • Health Sciences Service User & Carer Advisory Group: Mrs Roni Anthony, Ms Joan Cook, Ms Yvonne Clark
  • Professor Patrick Callaghan
  • Mrs Lucie Whitfield
  • Dr Julie McGarry
  • Dr Charley Baker
  • Dr Dianne Bowskill
  • Professor Joanne Lymn
  • Dr Alison Mostyn
  • Dr Sharon Rees
  • Dr Elizabeth Fowler
  • Mrs Rachel Best
  • Ms Samantha Crossley
  • Roger Kerry
  • The Politics of Maternity Care Module Team: Mrs Jo Foster, Mis Kirstie Coolin, Mrs Alison Corr, Mrs Suzanne Britt, Professor Helen Spiby, Mrs Jacqui Williams, Dr Kim Russell, Dr Julia Allison, Mrs Amanda Wain

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