Hounsfield Facility: 3D X-ray imaging

The Hounsfield Facility is a world leading multidisciplinary research centre which focuses on understanding plant and soil interactions and their responses to environmental stresses. It integrates scientists from across a wide spectrum of disciplines in the Schools of Biosciences, Computer Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering at the University of Nottingham. Our research employs state of the art imaging techniques such as X-ray Computed Tomography and Laser Ablation Tomography.

In addition to our academic research, we offer bespoke quantification and analytical services to both academic and commercial research projects.


Micro-CT: Hounsfield Facility

3D X-ray imaging 


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World Soils Day

World Soils Day reminds us of our commitment to adopt agricultural practices that promote sustainable soil management. Conservation agriculture is a set of farming practices that deviate from traditional methods by prioritizing soil health. The research at the Hounsfield Facility over the years has highlighted various benefits of conservation agriculture on soil sustainability spanning from field scale to microaggregate level impacts.

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