Hounsfield Facility: 3D X-ray imaging
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The Hounsfield Facility is a world leading multidisciplinary initiative involving researchers from the Schools of Computer Science, Maths, Engineering and Biosciences at the University of Nottingham's Centre for Plant Integrative Biology (CPIB). We employ ‘state-of-the-art’, 3D, non-destructive microCT (X-ray) technologies and innovative image analysis techniques to explore and quantify the internal architecture of biomaterials and support research into environmental sustainability and global food security.

In addition to our academic research, we offer bespoke quantification and analytical services to both academic and commercial research projects.


Micro-CT: Hounsfield Facility

3D X-ray imaging 


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Technical advance: Extracting multiple interacting root systems using X-ray CT

Technical advance: Extracting multiple interacting root systems using X-ray CT

Using X-ray CT, 3D geometries of soil structure and pore spaces can now be used as parameters in numerical simulations that calculate their hydraulic properties. The method has been successfully applied to investigate soils of different textures, structures and soils that have been influenced by plant roots under successive drying. The findings have been published in Water Resources Research and the Journal of Experimental Botany. This work is a funded BBRSC project in collaboration with the University of Southampton that is seeking to predict water uptake in wheat.

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We're pleased to announce four new PhD opportunities. Find out more on our opportunities page.

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