Dr Sarah Jewitt

Dr Sarah Jewitt
School of Geography
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Expertise summary

Gender and environmental management. Forest use and management in India during the colonial and post-colonial period. Socio-cultural importance of forests and their role in community-based resource management. Technology transfers and the displacement of indigenous agro-ecological knowledge. The impact of 30 years of Green Revolution in India. Political ecology of natural resource management in Eastern India, intra- and inter- community variations in environmental knowledge possession and management capacity in Jharkhand, India.

Dr Jewitt currently contributes to several blogs, The Conversation:  ‘Beyond the ‘poo bus’: the many uses of human waste’, 25/11/14.   

The Conversation, Kenyan schoolgirls dread their periods, but simple changes could help. 08/10/15.

School of Politics and International Relations blog on ‘Ballots and Bullets’(2014) Tribes, Forest Rights & Political Drivers in Koraput, Odisha

Dr Jewitt also appeared on an Australian ABC radio program Future Tense. The episode was entitled ‘When the *%#^ hits the fan! 31st May 2015. 

More information about Dr Jewitt can be found on her webpage

Policy credentials

Would like to work on water, sanitation and hygiene; energy poverty and improved cookstove; community-based forest management; indigenous environmental knowledge systems.


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