Mr Roger Kerry

Mr Roger Kerry 
School of Health Sciences
Division of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences
+44 (0) 115 823 1790 

Expertise summary

Physiotherapy. Neck pain. Philosophy of health science.

More information about Mr Kerry can be found on his webpage.

Roger has undertaken a range of previous work with the print and broadcast media including:

The Telegraph, 27th November 2014: Are expensive running trainers a waste of money? 

Men’s Running, March 2015: Is getting a gait analysis really that important?

Men’s Running, May 2015, Does K-Tape really work?

Supershoppers, Channel 4, 2015: Myths about fitness equipment and branding.

Between the Lines, Channel News Asia, Global Burden of Disease and low back pain panel discussion, 19th June 2015

BBC Radio 5, 2015 Can skinny jeans damage your health? 

Daily Mail, June 2015, Can low back pain be inherited?

Daily Mail, June 2015, Are back-boards any good for low back pain?

Sky News, 2016  - interview on extreme conditioning programmes and injury rates, 1/1/2016

BBC2, 2016 (29th Jan) interview on running shoes for consumer series, What To Buy & Why

Men’s Running, 2016: Is ‘hitting the wall’ a runners’ myth?

Channel 4 Supershoppers – Running Shoes, series early 2016, 22/2/2016.

Consultancy and Research:  Roger Kerry is happy to explore opportunities to undertake consultancy and research work with external organisations.

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