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Dr Kim Hardie
School of Life Sciences
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Dr Hardie's main interest is in how bacteria use secreted proteins such as toxins to help them cause infections. This includes how the bacteria transport and regulate the proteins, and how the proteins function. In particular, she is interested in how these weapons are deployed and the role they play in the complex communities that bacteria form on surfaces (biofilms). This is particularly important as biofilms serve as reservoirs for infection and aid the infection process. In addition, bacteria in biofilms are more resistant to antibiotics, and I am interested in how the antimicrobials penetrate biofilms and how individual bacteria respond as they come in contact with the antimicrobials. The hope is that we will uncover novel antimicrobial targets that are unlikely to trigger the development of antimicrobial resistance, and thereby increase our repertoire of therapies and preventions to curb bacterial infections.

Dr Hardie can comment on bacterial infections and hygiene e.g. hand washing to prevent the transmission of bacteria and new antimicrobial strategies.

For more information about Dr Hardie's work, see her University webpage.

Previous media experience has included an appearance on BBC East Midlands Today, taking part in radio interviews and acting as an expert commentator for a Daily Mail piece about superbugs.

Media appearances:

• October 2016: Interview on BBC World service ‘The Inquiry’ about antimicrobial resistance

• March 2013: Interview on BBC radio Nottingham, Mark Dennison show time slot 55 min to 1 h 15, discussion about antibiotic resistance

• May 2012: Interview on BBC radio Nottingham, Mark Dennison show time slot 1 h 21 min to 1 h 46, live demonstration of hand hygiene

• November 2011: Interview on BBC radio Nottingham, Andy Whitakker 8/11/11 show time slot 1 h 38 min to 1 h 42 min 30 seconds, talking about handkerchiefs and germ spreading

• July 10th 2011: Provided background information for full page article on Superbugs in Mail on Sunday written by Alice Grebot

• April 18th 2011: Provided expert opinion on BBC Radio Nottingham morning show for Frances Finn discussing recent paper on extended beta lactamases in superbugs (Walsh et al. Lancet Infect Dis 2011). Two slots separated by music starting at 2 hour 15 mins • February 2nd 2011

•Provided expert opinion on BBC Radio Nottingham morning show for Frances Finn ‘How dirty is your cash?'

• July 2010: Interview with Ashley about Glo-yo for Heart 106 Radio

Consultancy and Research:  Dr Hardie is happy to explore opportunities to undertake consultancy and research work with external organisations.

Kim Hardie

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