Dr Stephen Alexander

Dr Stephen Alexander 
School of Life Sciences
Institute of Neuroscience
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Expertise summary

Mechanism of drug action.  In particular, cannabis-related and caffeine-related medicines.

Appearances on local radio (BBC Radio Nottingham, Smooth Radio) to discuss cannabis and skunk, and the association with mental health issues.

Appearance on national radio (BBC Radio 4, The Material World) to discuss cannabis-related medicines.

Appearances on BBC Scotland and BBC News 24 to discuss caffeine content in Buckfast tonic wine and it's association with violent behaviour.

Appearance on BBC3 Britain's Most Disgusting Drinks to discuss Buckfast.

Appearances on BBC1 Britain's Favourite Supermarket Foods to discuss antioxidant properties of onions.

Appearance on local TV (Notts TV) to discuss roadside testing for cannabis consumption

More information about Dr Alexander can be found via his website.

Dr Stephen Alexander

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