Dr Simon Duff

Dr Simon Duff
School of Medicine, Centre for Forensic and Family Psychology
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Expertise summary

Dr Simon Duff is a chartered and registered forensic psychologist with experience of working with adult offenders such as those who offend sexually against children, stalkers, people whose fetishes that have resulted in criminal behaviour, voyeurs, violent individuals, and men who have committed sexual assaults and rapes. His work at the University centres on training future forensic psychologists, with particular focus on Stage II training; supervising their academic work, research, and clinical practice. His research covers a range of topics, primarily informed by his clinical work and the service within which he works.

More information about his work is available via his university webpage.

Dr Duff has previously been interviewed on a variety of radio stations in relation to his research on topics including stalking and the effects of pornography and has spoken on a variety of cases reported in the media. He has provided input to the Channel 5 programme Robbing Your Relatives and an episode of Bad Girls.

Consultancy and Research:  Dr Duff is happy to explore opportunities to undertake consultancy and research work with external organisations.

Simon Duff

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